Is the remanufactured product is really as new?



Parts are remanufactured from a long time. Most of them can be purchased at a price of 25 to 40% lower, than its new equivalent. Various types parts for automobile are subject of rebuilding for example: water pump, clutch, brake calipers, fuel injectors, electronic control modules, or starters and alternators.

However, despite the potential benefits and savings moneys, some  final customers  are still reluctant to purchase remanufactured parts, confusing them with a simple repair.

There is a significant difference between the product repaired and remanufactured. Many people mistakenly consider these terms as synonymous but in fact they relate to entirely different processes. Consumers should understand the differences between these processes. The difference between the new and used is rather obvious, the words ‘repair’ and ‘rebuild’ to be no so simple.


Properly remanufactured car parts are functionally equivalent to the new parts and are virtually indistinguishable. Process of remanufactured automotive components is very similar to the manufacturing of new parts, except that many of the components  are received from second-hand parts.

During the rebuild process part must be completely disassembled, cleaned and tested for wear and damage. All components are cleaned, remanufactured, tested or replaced. Wear, missing or not properly working components are remanufactured or replaced with new parts. Electrical components must often be scrolling or wiring. At the end of the process remanufactured products are re-tested for compliance with the specifications of the original manufacturer’s.

When we talk about repaired parts, it’s meant that this parts is only repair in part which caused the problem without a complete disassembly, inspection and testing of the whole product. The cause of the problem is not so completely identified and corrected. As a result, the cost of such part is generally lower than the part with proven quality like new part or remanufactured. But this is a short-term save money. Most likely that repaired part soon will be broken and may require reinstallation,  once more repair or replacement what finally excess the cost if the part would have been rebuild on the first place.

It is worth to say that the repaired part is usually not covered by any guarantee, while each remanufactured part has  a one or even two years warranty as EXPOM’s parts do.

The customer who focused on parts, that will work properly, and will reach the same performance as the original part, should not waste time or money on the products of unfamiliar brands, looking only at the price. Attention is drawn to high-quality products with reasonable price supported by a long warranty period.


An incontrovertible argument for buying a remanufactured part is their price. It should also be remembered that when the customer has the used core, they may return it within  for rebuild it again. Such practices are commonly accepted among the majority of companies in the remanufacture industry, also in the company EXPOM  and in FOTA SA, which distributes EXPOM’s products. Exchanging the old core is a possibility for additional income for mechanics ,garages and the final customer.


Another argument often quoted when talking about remanufactured parts, is their quality. Customers are not convinced that the remanufactured product can be as good as new. This way of thinking often comes from bad past experiences. There are also customers who insist on buying new parts, and no arguments supported by testing, research, global trends , will not be convincing enough for them.

Most remanufacturers, operating on the world market, are fully aware of the role,  which quality plays for the final customer. Aspire that the client can receive the highest quality product at a reasonable price. This cause on side of rebuilders that they maintain the highest standards of remanufacture, the implementation of new technologies, improvements and innovations.

In remanufacture companies, such as EXPOM, each remanufactured product is subject to final test on the specialized test bench tables where it’s passes  many electrical and endurance checking. The final test checks and verifies the compliance of the product with a catalog including: connecting dimensions and connection terminals etc.

Also in addition is checked : the completeness of the product and quality of installation. After passing the compatibility is performed test  of dimension. In the case of alternator are examined: initially load, voltage regulation, current efficiency etc.. In the case of starter are examined: the current idle, idle, output power, voltage drop at the terminals off, the solenoid switch etc.

In addition to final testing benches for starter and alternator, EXPOM  has professional equipment that during the rebuild process are tested : regulators, rectifiers, solenoid switches, rotors, stators, etc.


When choosing remanufactured product of a certain brand, you should pay the attention to the history of the company ,  it’s distribution network and range of activity. This is not the norm, but companies such as EXPOM, with a long history and experience, usually have a lot more opportunities in the selection of components and parts search for remanufacture.

Companies such as EXPOM has also the financial means, advanced engineering and testing solutions.  They have long-term developed and deepened know-how, at the same time being able to quickly adapt to changing trends in the world of remanufacture. Thanks to this, that kind of companies,  often attach more importance to quality control their products at the obvious result significantly affect the quality of products manufactured by these companies. EXPOM attempts  to do all to be  sure the final product ,delivered to the customer , will be in 100% corresponded to customer expectations.

Many remanufactured parts is as good as new, and in some cases that part can be of even better and more durable than the original one. This is due to detailed procedures accompanying the remanufacture process, and also thanks to the fact that the remanufacture process can correct manufacturing defects, which can occur in the new products.


Another advantage of remanufactured parts is  their availability. Often remanufactured parts are the only parts available in the market for many older vehicles. When the vehicle reaches a certain age, the original manufacturer ceases production of his parts. New parts distribution channel disappears but the remanufactured parts are available in the market.

Talking about it worth is noticed that the availability of remanufactured parts are easily available in shops or wholesales. For most brands and models of car parts, warehouses have this parts on stock or have possibility of rapid delivery.


Speaking about the rebuild products  can not be without mention about the environment. Over the last several years various steps have been taken, in almost every area of ​​human life, to protect the environment. Overall, growing awareness of society has led to many new solutions. Remanufacture is one of such processes. With the remanufacture of spared, large energy resources and the resources generated for the production, reduces the amount of air pollutants, which normally arise during the full production of new parts, such as during the melting of components. The result is to save every year millions of tons of natural resources such as iron, aluminum, copper, etc. It is also used to create additional space for landfills.

Saved  energy resulting from the remanufacture processes around the world can be compared to electricity generated by five nuclear power plants or 10 774 000 barrels of oil, which corresponds to a fleet of 233 tankers.  This saved resources all in the world thanks for remanufacture ,can fill 155 000 railway carriages forming the train of length 1 1100 kilometers. It appeals to the imagination.

Because people increasingly realize how important it is for us, and our environment for future generations, we must find initiatives, companies and organizations such as APRA (Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association), which encourage and support the wider remanufacture – also in terms of spare car parts. There are enough social and environmental benefits to each of us wanted to help the  remanufacture process by looking at various aspects of our lives.

Looking at the meaning of remanufacture, is worth mentioning the study carried out on the knowledge of this subject among the most interested – car ownership. ReMaTec (the world’s leading magazine and fair event for the rebuild of engines, transmissions and other automotive components and parts, which takes place every two years in Amsterdam) has commissioned an independent market research agency, conducting a survey among 1011 Dutch car owners about their knowledge about remanufacture . Research shows that consumers still have little knowledge about remanufacture, but they are very receptive to this idea and are willing to learn this process. After explaining the meaning of the word and the process of remanufacture, 71% said that they will induce consider using remanufactured parts. The same group of acquainted with the opinions of experts on the remanufacture, the value rises up to 81%. Only about one third of the study group was informed by the garage, about the possibility of using reconditioned parts during maintenance or repair of the car.

As a result of remanufactured products, demand for them continues to grow, so that recycled products are among the growing importance of automotive parts sold in the market.

So let’s ask about remanufacture and be interested in our cars. Do not blindly believe in to the decision of mechanics, which is often a shortcut, which can certainly affect the thickness of your wallet.

In the end, the car owner must decide what kind of part is appropriate for them. That decision should reflect the reliability and efficiency of the car in the long term. Buyers should carefully consider all the ‘for’ and ‘against’ choosing from the wide range of products available on the market. When making a purchase decision is worth noting, not only what the seller offers, at what price, and look at what kind of product we get, how long will work and whether the product is certainly the highest quality, tested, and having a long-term guarantee .

With these assumptions, remanufactured products are among the best available and recommended products on the market.

Company EXPOM, from  more than 60 years, is a specialist of  rebuilding electrical starters, alternators, generators and others) The rebuilding process represented by EXPOM is in technology, which is to restore all or parts of teams of technical skills by playing shape, dimensions, and the parameters established by the constructors supplies. For the company very important is the quality of manufactured products, and therefore works only with recognized and valued suppliers of spare parts. The products are industrially remanufacture according to a specific technology.

Company EXPOM has its own ,unique system for packaging products. Products are delivered in the original packaging with specific colors and inserts a special system of commodity hedge, against mechanical damage.. All this is to deliver to the customer  the products in perfect condition.

All products offered by EXPOM having 24 months warranty.

Within a few years EXPOM, gained a strong, stable position in aftermarket, becoming one of the most reliable and most recommended company.

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