New Quality Standards


Common problem in the aftermarket is proper identification of a rebuilt part.

The solution to  sort out this problem was to introduce in he Company Expom special identification system of cores and the final product. Each product is individually recognizable from the core subject of regeneration, through parts and components used in the process until the final product.


Each product has its unique ID numer, a flag which allows the reader to go into the whole process of regeneration of the product . This system allows EXPOM to recognize the date of rebuilding process the unit had went through, and ensure the traceability of the all the parts and components having being used.

Our remanufactured products are industrially in accordance with well-defined procedure that does not different from standard procedures used by the world’s leading rebuilders.

Remanufactured cores are disassembled. All components and parts are thoroughly washed, cleaned and protected against corrosion.

Parts not meeting OE standards are replaced 100% by new one; others are continuing the process of rebuilding.


Expom has a professional diagnostic equipment in order to perform the final test of manufactured and rebuild products. Each rebuild part is subject to final testing. On our professional equipment, following items are systematically tested:

– Regulators

– Integrated rectifier

– Solenoid Switches

– Rotors

– Stators, etc.

The complete,  rebuild product is subject to final tests on the bench test where it’s passing a series of electrical tests. Apart of it subject of the final test is also verification of outside measures, connection dimensions and conformity of general overview with company standards.

In addition the final test checks verifies the completeness of the product, quality installation and aesthetics of the product.

After all it is performed the final bench test

In the case of the alternator the bench test checks : the beginning charging speed, voltage regulation, current efficiency, point of induce.

In the case of the starter are examined: neutral gear of electricity, idle, output power, voltage drop on the switch contacts, and to maintain the currents pulling off the electromagnetic spectrum.


We focus primarily on the quality of manufactured and remanufactured products, that is why we work only with recognized and respected supplier of components.

Our products are industrially rebuild based on specific technological procedure.


Expom company has its own unique system for packaging products.

It includes, the original packaging boxes in the characteristic colours and special system of protective inserts preventing mechanical and weather damage of products.

All this in order the purchased product to arrive to the customer in perfect condition.


All our products have a 24 month’s guarantee

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