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Expom in addition to the production company also deals with rebuild parts, therefore our company is also buying cores.

List of cores we are looking for is updated according EXPOM’s current orders.

If you have a larger number of cores prior to arrival, please call us to discuss details.

Price of cores is taken out of the basis offer, but the final price is affected by many factors, such as the standard quality criteria of the remanufacturing business: core must be complete, not dismantled and not over corroded, as described below.


Rules for qualification:

1. Cores purchased for the purpose of further rebuild should be complete, consist of original parts and have no mechanical defects, and it must be possible to identify a reference number.

2. Damage of articles or parts thereof should arise from normal use or the manufacturing defect , not from other causes.

3. There may be a lack of diferent small parts such as: standardized and other smal details that require to be100% exchange in the process of remanufacturing.

4. Qualification shall be made by external examination of the core. In case of doubt of the product’s completeness, core’s should be disassembled in order to make internal check.

Disassembling  is made on the spot Expom, that is why the product must be delivered to Expom in its entirety.


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