In this section you can get information about our commercial offer, demand for cores to be purchased and receive technical advices prepared by our technology department.


According to the definition of the Automotive Parts Rebuilders Association (APRA), properly refurbished car parts are functionally equivalent to new parts and are virtually indistinguishable from new parts. Rebuild of automotive components is very similar to the installation of new parts, with one exception, many elements come from used parts.


During the rebuilding process, part must be completely disassembled, cleaned and veryfied for abrasion and damage. Non-functioning or damaged components are replaced by new or repaired so that they are fully functional at the end of process. Electrical components often require scrolling or re-wiring.


After these processes, some of it is re-assembled and tested for compliance with the specification of the effectivness of funcioning.


A typical rebuild process can be divided into several stages:

-> dismantling of the cores into individual elements

-> cleaning and blasting

-> verification of the elements

-> repair of damaged parts or replacement through new one

-> supplement missing items

-> re-assembly of the unit

-> adjust if necessary and execution bench test

-> processing the final test

Company Expom works only with well-known and respected suppliers of components.

Thanks to very good cooperation with suppliers, purchase of new covers, gaskets, o-rings, rings, and bearings, our products are gaining even greater quality and reliability, what is a priority for the  Expom.


After the reconstruction of elements, each component or element is assembled and tested on a special test bench simulating real-work conditions of the unit.

The developed control system, accompanying each stage of production and each element, special repair and testing equipment make it that a part with the confident  “back to life”.

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